TV Turn Card

Super TV , Super TV will benefit youˇG
Watch 125-channel TV programs on your PC with *remote control.
Never miss your favorite TV News & programs while working on computer.
Watch real TV programs with WebTV.
Capture still or motion video images from TV, VCR, V8 or camcorder and save as a BMP, JPEG, AVI file.
Edit Captured files in clipboard or any other DDE application, than make your special cards, homework, working reports or business letters.
Play and sent AVI files by E-mail.
Add a Video Camera and Microphone to see and talk to your friends, family, and customers over the internet or intranet.
Video conferencing.
*Listen to FM radio as background music.(FM tuner only)
Preview and scan 16 TV Channels.
Slide shows each 160x120 video images at 15 frames per second in al full screen display.
Upgrade your PC into a complete security device.

System Requirements
Intel Pentium 90MHz or higher
PCI local bus PnP 2.1
SVGA supports higher than 640x480 / Hi-color
Cable / VHF / UHF antenna
Sound Card
Windows 95 / 98
DirectX5.0 or higher

Package Contents
TV tuner card with capture or TV/FM tuner card with capture.
CD driver
User's Manual
*Remote Control (optional)

Key Features:
Conexant Bt878 chipset.
Live TV with 125 Channels.
Full TV frequency range for CATV / VHF / UHF.
Supports NTSC, PAL or SECAM video formats.
Supports WebTV.
Capture still and motion vides images.
Video capture rate up to 30 frames/second.
Video Conferencing with Microsoft NetMeeting by adding Video Camera.
Supports S-Video or Composite Video Camera.
Supports planner YUV data format.
VBI data capture for closed caption data decoding.
Includes software teletext decoding.
Supports major PCI/AGP bus VGA cards.
Supports Windows 95/98.
Easy to use with Plug and Play.
FM band coverage from 87.5 to 108MHz.(FM tuner only)

Optional Features
W/F Radio Fuction

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